Grow your outdoor space

A beautiful backyard is more than just hardscapes. It's the vibrant tapestry of plants, lush ready lawns, and flourishing gardens that bring your outdoor space to life. At Edge Landscapes, we're experts in softscaping, transforming ordinary backyards into extraordinary escapes.

Planting Design Tailored to You: Our landscape designers aren't just plant enthusiasts; they're artists who understand how to use nature's palette to create a masterpiece. We'll consider your desired aesthetic, sun exposure, and soil conditions to create a personalised planting plan that thrives in your unique environment.

Don't wait months for a lush green lawn. Our ready lawn solutions provide a beautiful, established carpet of grass for you to enjoy right away. Perfect for families with kids and pets, a ready lawn offers a cool, inviting space for outdoor fun.


Whether you dream of a bountiful vegetable patch bursting with fresh flavors or a vibrant tropical garden overflowing with colour, we can make it happen. Our experts will help you choose the perfect plants for your garden and provide ongoing maintenance guidance to ensure your blooms and veggies thrive season after season.

Let Edge Landscapes be your partner in creating a softscape that reflects your style and enhances your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Contact us today for a free consultation and watch your dream yard come to life!

  • Plants and Planting
  • Soil excavating & soil prep
  • Irrigation
  • Ready Lawn
  • Astro Turf

Our Landscaping services


Theres a lot we can do with Swimming Pools. From Landscaping around existing pools to managing new build projects. We have a number of pool styles to suit a range of different budgets. 


Think Pergolas and outdoor Showers, Retaining walls and tiling. We have worked closely with a number of clients to create bespoke spaces that meet their specific needs.


A vibrant tapestry of plants, lush ready lawns, and flourishing gardens that bring your outdoor space to life. At Edge Landscapes we're experts in softscaping, transforming ordinary yards into extraordinary escapes.


Love your lawn? Or find that it's impossible to maintain. Either way, we can help you figure out the best way forward - be that Turf, artificial Grass or lawns.


Decks can really extend your outdoor living and help you maximise the indoor outdoor flow. We can create outdoor rooms, concrete or Timber decks.


We are lucky to have more than one fencing specialist on our team. So we can visit your home and help you decide the best fence for your property.