Muricata Ave

Muricata Avenue, Mt Maunganui

Landscaping an outdoor pool area can be a challenging but rewarding endeavour. The client brief for this project was to create an entertainer's dream space, featuring a 7m fibreglass pool.

 Starting with the pool, the fibreglass material offers durability, low maintenance, and a smooth surface for comfortable swimming. The pool's size provides ample space for relaxation and recreation, while the natural stone coping around the pool's edge adds an organic touch to the area. The coping can be designed in various patterns and colours to match the surrounding landscape.

 The fire pit is a perfect addition for evening gatherings, adding warmth and ambiance to the space. It can be built with natural stone or concrete blocks, depending on the client's preference. We also constructed an abstract stone tiling for a feature floor in the outdoor kitchen area.

 The artificial grass surrounding the pool area is a great option for low maintenance landscaping. It provides a clean and comfortable surface for barefoot walking and lounging.

 The tropical-themed planting adds an exotic touch to the area. Plants such as palm trees, hibiscus, and bird of paradise can create a lush and tropical environment. The plants can be arranged in groups or individually to create a unique and appealing landscape.

 In conclusion, this outdoor pool area is designed with entertainment in mind. The combination of a fibreglass pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, artificial grass, natural stone coping, and tropical-themed planting creates a beautiful and functional space that is perfect for hosting gatherings and creating lasting memories.

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